Status update on the book

Hi friends! Just wanted to let everyone know how the book-making process is going. Fun facts follow!

  • There are 70 pages total in the book.
  • We have completed illustrations for 60 of them.
  • We have (mostly) complete text for 52 of them. 
  • The pages left to color are the acknowledgments page, footnotes and further reading, the index, the two pages of glossary, and the inside front cover.
  • The pages left to edit are the “Walk in our Shoes” pages I and II, How to Be an Ally, and this page.
  • Meanwhile, we have a spreadsheet of short-run printers going that will make the first edition print for us (self-publishing), because
  • We haven’t heard back from traditional publishers yet.
  • On the plus side, thanks to Koomah we have a fabulous new video that might help with our kickstarter/other fundraiser to pay for that first round of printing.

We are super excited about how near to completion this book is and also entirely aware of how without big beautiful community support this project would go nowhere. Thank you, everyone who’s contributed so far, again, and if you see anywhere in the above where you could help, please get in touch and let’s collaborate together!

In community,


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