How you as a community member can help the GENDER book project

well there are three main areas we could use your help with:

  1. spread the word - share, reblog, post, print and hand out pamphlets to your school
  2. contribute content - tell us your story for the book’s content, or add your expertise and information to the genderpedia, or help edit the rough draft (critique, tell us about typos, help us reword so it’s easier to understand). 
  3. help with resources - hook us up with publishing leads, gift us kinkos gift certificates or airline miles to help us educate, talk to your professors about having us speak to your class, or we take cash through PayPal

In this gifting season, just thought we’d throw some options out there in case any of ya’ll feel overflowing with gratitude for a gender education tool like ours and need to do something to help. We recently got a $50 donation from a rad mom on behalf of her drag fabulous kids, and are always so inspired by our communities. 

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