Need erasers~ Donate to the GENDER book?

Hi Tumblrs!

So, last night I dreamt of erasers. Like the kind on top of pencils. Drawers and drawers of them. Blue and lavender, all different shapes. And then I woke up and realized my pencil drawer is looking sad.

Before I go to the art supply store, I just thought I’d throw this out there: the GENDER book (yes, every single image you see on this blog) is a 100% labor of love from 3hardworking individuals. 

A package of erasers costs $6.95. Can you spare that, to help the project out? I normally am opposed to this sort of appeal, but if you knew how much time and <3 and $$ we’ve already put into these informational graphics and booklets, you’d know I’m not asking anything of you I haven’t already given myself.

So, please consider a little donation- every single donor will be honored in our book, from one cent on up.

We could really use $500 to help finish this project.  Can you help us get there?

In community,

Mel, illustrator and co-creator of the GENDER book

donate at PayPal

(totally broke? we understand. please visit our website for more ways to help and get involved, or repost this to folks who may be in a better place to help. Thanks!)

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